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25-01-2003, 12:59
qualcuno ha idea di dove trovare il software della gestione via pc del
telecomando touch screen della denon?
ciao ciao L.

25-01-2003, 19:47
sul sito Usa della Denon ed molto simile al prontoedit

25-01-2003, 19:54
Originariamente inviato da Emanuele
sul sito Usa della Denon ed molto simile al prontoedit

purtroppo dopo approfondite ricerche non ho trovato nulla, sopratutto perch il sito usa down.
infatti speravo che qualcuno di voi lo avesse gi scaricato, e potesse eventualmente farmelo pervenire.
Ciao ciao L.

25-01-2003, 20:41
Home Audio > Product Line > AKTIS Remote Control

AKTIS Remote Control

Product Photo Product Photo(PDF) Tech note/Whitepaper(PDF) Owner's manual (PDF)

RC-8000/8001ST NEW!
RC-8000: Remote Control Unit :List $750
RC-8001ST: Charger Base Station :List $350

Control your home theater and multi-zone components from anywhere in your home ・right through walls.
It's a new freedom. Denon's Aktis RC-8000 remote control system. A versatile and powerful LCD touchpanel learning remote control, combining both infrared and radio frequency capabilities, that lets you control all of the A/V components in your home from anywhere in your home.

RF Transmission for Easy Multi-Room Operation • Dedicated Volume, Channel, Mute, and Backlight buttons • Backlit 320 x 240 LCD Touch Panel Display • Auto Power Off after user specified time period ・Control up to 23 different components • Non-slip Side Grip • USB Port for Backup or Editing on a PC

PC. Editing Downloads for your Atkis remote control
This download will make your setup much easier. Including editing for re-naming, relocation, labeling, System Call, etc. Also Save your setup file to your PC for future edits or downloads. (Backup file) Eliminate lockups.

copyright 2000 - Denon Canada Inc.

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25-01-2003, 20:43
Denon RC-8000 Editing Software
Warning : The Update program will completely clear all of the learned commands and customized settings in the RC-8000. If you have previously done any programming or customizing, do not run the updater program just yet. Instead, start the RC-8000 Editor, and then upload from the RC-8000 to the Editor program and save the resulting file. Exit the RC-8000 Editor.


The RC-8000 PC Editing Software provides the ability to edit various RC-8000 remote control function key names, button layouts, System Call functions, and adjust various RC-8000 operating parameters, etc. The software will be revised in the future when further updates are required.


This AKTISTM software is provided on a complimentary basis, to provide consumers and custom installers the ability to customize the RC-8000 remote controller with a PC. The PC must have Windows 98/98SE/2000/ME/XP installed, and the PC must have USB capability. You will need a USB cable (A-B type), which can be purchased at most computer and electronics stores.

Denon cannot provide computer related support for the software. Denon Customer Service will not be able to provide telephone or other support for the software. It is provided for the RC8000 user's convenience only on a non-supported basis. The file is installed to C:\Program Files\DENON\RC-8000 Editor unless saved in other location, and contains the following elements:

- RCXUSBA.inf .INF file


- RC8000Editor3-11.exe The Editor program

- RCXUpdate1_5s.exe RC-8000 updater program Ver3_13.mot Companion file to be used with RC-8000 Updater

- RC8000EditorVer3.pdf RC-8000 Editor user's manual, in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

- Jump_Demo.rcx Demo software of Jump function (click open configuration of RC8000Editor3.11)

- Multi_Power_Data.rcx Multi Room Power Data codes (click open configuration of RC8000Editor3.11)

Please read instructions completely before proceeding.

STEP 1- Connecting
Connect the RC-8000 remote control to the PC via the USB cable. WindowsTM will ask you to identify the directory of USB device driver (RCXUSBA) where the two INF and SYS files are located. WindowsTM will then recognize and install the files. Sometimes, there is a case when an error "sys file can not be found" is displayed. In that case, please click Browse to choose the same file again.
** Should your install fail, please proceed by manually installing it.** First make sure you connected the RC8000 to the computer Via the USB cable. Then, Click: Settings, then Control Panel, then ADD NEW HARDWARE. WindowsTM will search for the driver required to run the AKTISTM software.

STEP 2-Save Your Existing Custom Programs
Open the RC-8000 Editor, and upload from the RC-8000 to the editor program by choosing upload command from "File" and save the resulting file. Note: Your saved settings can be downloaded back to the RC-8000 after completing Step 3.

STEP 3-Update the RC-8000 Processor to the newest Version.

Warning : The Update program will completely clear all of the learned commands and any customized settings in your RC-8000. If you have previously done any programming or customizing, and wish to save your settings, do not run the update program until you have completed step 2.

Update by double-clicking on the 'RCXUpdate1_5s' icon. Then, click UPDATE . The RC-8000 will be updated utilizing 'Ver3_13.mot'in RC-8000 Editor file. Note: The Download time to update the RC-8000 processor takes approximately 15 minutes. Do not interrupt the update. This update procedure is necessary to operate your editing software properly. This needs to done only once.

STEP 4- Download your Saved Settings
Open the Editor program and download your previously saved settings back to the RC-8000.

Step 5- New Editing / Programming
After completing step 3 you are now ready to utilize the new PC editing software.
Please Print and consult the RC-8000 Editor User's Manual for instructions on customizing the RC-8000 remote control using your PC.
It is highly recommended that after you have completed editing your RC 8000 that you save the settings on your PC as backup.


Denon RC-8000 Editing Program Sample
DOWNLOAD : (193kB)

* This sample is provided in a "zipped" file. This file can be "unzipped" using readily available software such as PKZIP, WinZip, StuffIt Expander and similar programs.



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25-01-2003, 20:45
sito canadese della Denon occhio li si chiama Aktis

25-01-2003, 21:30
grazie a tutti e a buon rendere...
ciao ciao L.