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Nuvola NP-1 4K con Android KitKat e OUYA

di Gian Luca Di Felice, pubblicata il 14 Aprile 2014, alle 10:16 nel canale 4K

L'atteso set-top box / media-player 4K basato su Android NanoTech Nuvola NP-1 ha subito diversi ritardi di commercializzazione, ma si appresta al lancio con diverse novità: S.O. Android KitKat 4.4, supporto della piattaforma OUYA con cloud-gaming OnLive e nuovo telecomando con sensori di movimento

Dopo diversi ritardi e l'annuncio del pieno supporto alla decodifica HEVC e VP9 (vedi news), NanoTech ha ora informato via newsletter tutti i clienti interessati al set-top box / media-player Nuvola NP-1 4K dell'arrivo di ulteriori novità. Il dispositivo è stato aggiornato al sistema operativo Android KitKat 4.4 e NanoTech attende l'approvazione di Google per assicurare il pieno accesso al Play Store. E' stato anche aggiornato il telecomando, che sarà ora completo di sensori di movimento (in stile WiiMote) e anche siglato un accordo con OUYA per assicurarne il supporto e l'accesso al catalogo di giochi che, lo ricordiamo, include anche la compatibilità con la piattafomra di cloud-gaming OnLive. 

NanoTech informa che il Nuvola NP-1 è ormai finalizzato e pronto per la commercializzazione, che sarà avviata non appena giungerà l'approvazione da parte di Google (dovrebbe quindi mancare ormai davvero poco).

Di seguito il comunicato inviato da NanoTech ai suoi clienti (in inglese):

Dear Valued Customer,
We appreciate that you are anxious to receive your Nuvola NP-1. Please understand many people do have units, including several of our BETA Testers. We have had a slow and deliberate roll-out of this ground breaking product. The controlled release is very important to a successful large scale product launch. We are innovating on several fronts at the same time including the delivery of 4K to the consumer, as well as the most advanced set top box ever developed. In addition, this is the first consumer electronics device that NanoTech has produced. All of these factors have been combined in the company taking a very conservative approach to releasing the product. As the very wise saying goes, you only get one chance to make a first impression.

The amount of interest and demand for the Nuvola NP-1 has surpassed our expectations and in effort to deliver the best possible experience based on feedback from our BETA testers, reviewers and distribution and retail partners, we have decided to make a few of the current enhancements that we have part of the general release.

Based on our feedback from early users, we have decided to go pre-install the new operating system, Android 4.4 at the factory. In addition, we have upgraded our Remote to include a motion sensing system, and we have added some new features and valuable software including the new OUYA game library. We have re-submitted the product for approval with Google using the 4.4 OS release. Once that is approved, we will ship out the remainder of the back-orders.
As anyone in this industry can appreciate, delaying a product launch for fine-tuning and feature enhancements is common practice and ultimately leads to happier customers and resellers. Because NanoTech is at the forefront of the 4K Ultra HD revolution, we want to ensure that the customer experience is the best that we can deliver.

Fonte: NanoTech Entertainment