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24-08-2004, 15:15
Per tutti gli interessati comunico la disponibilitÓ del nuovo firmware per il processore video Picture Optimizer plus II v 3.1
Riporo le novita di questo firmware in inglese:

The new firmware V 3.1 for still more picture control...

Update possibility for all cinemateq picture optimizer plus devices

Munich, August 24rd, 2004: The optimization specialists of cinemateq have updated the firmware for all picture optimizer plus devices. Four new and five revised functions make the device even more efficient - particularly in control and customization of signal processing in the RGB color space.

The new firmware V 3.1 can be comfortably loaded via RS-232 interface using the Windows utility "bootloader" as usual.

The most important new features & functions in an overview:

> NEW function: RGB Color Correction
The picture optimizer plus (II SDI) can correct the color rendition of a displaying device connected using a RGB signal format by its "RGB Color Correction" function. With this function you can both adjust the intensity of the basic colors red, green and blue and modify the Gamma curve for each single basic color.

> NEW: RGB Luminance Room
A RGB signal format (RGB HV, RGBs, RGsB, DVI) can be displayed in two different brightness spectrums:

> SMPTE standard: The SMPTE standard equals the contrast range of 16 -235 used by DVD. Therefore also the so called "underblack levels" ("darker than black") can be shown.

> VESA standard: With the VESA standard settings the contrast range mostly used by DVD is "spread" from 16 -235 to 0 -255. This enables the signal to be transmitted with much higher contrast dynamics. However the "underblack levels" are no longer visible.

> NEW: SYNC Polarities
Analog displaying devices such as CRT projectors sometimes need different SYNC polarities than the preset values. So for example the value for the RGBHV sync can now be adjusted from "positive" to "negative".

> NEW: RS-232-Rate
With this parameter the data transfer rate for the RS-232 interface for serial command signals towards external devices can be adjusted amongst 9600 Baud, 19200 Baud and 38400 Baud.

> Revised: Input Picture Control
From now on there is also the possibility to modify all picture parameters (e.g. brightness, contrast, Gamma, color temperature, color graduation (Hue) etc.) for both of the SDI inputs in the "Input Picture Control" menu. So every input is adjustable to 100%.

> Revised: Auto-Input
The auto input function was basically revised in order to recognize active inputs even faster.

> Revised: Electronic Lens-Shift
The "electronic lensshift" function was extended by a trigger function. From now on the automatic picture shift up- and / or downwards can be readjusted line by line via remote control in order to position the picture exactly within the masking of a projection screen.

> Revised: RS-232 control
A control system (e.g. AMX) can now also switch the output signal format (RGB HV, YUV, DVI, usw.) via RS-232 control using a serial command code.

> Revised: Overscan
The "zoom in" factor of the "overscan" function was increased to 70% in order to be able to enlarge 21:9 movie material to a 16:9 format (cutting off the black bars).

The firmware V 3.1 for the picture optimizer plus is free of charge and available for download on the internet under in the support menu as of now.

ciao ht-maestro

24-08-2004, 19:41
Finalmente sono riuscito a fare l'upgrade senza doverlo spedire.
Per me che arrivavo dal 2.0 Ŕ come avere cambiato macchina: devo ricominciare tutto da capo:rolleyes:
E' comparsa una nuova rsoluzione di uscita chiamata widevga a 852*480.
Il mio vpr Ŕ un dual mode: io lo uso a 848*480. Ci sarÓ un errore o devo nuovamente fare i calcoli tipo powerstrip?:confused: