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N. D'Agostino
07-06-2004, 12:18
Unique picture quality for projectors and plasma screens
The new cinemateq picture optimizer plus II SDI
Perfect scaling, real HDTV 1080p and completely digital

Munich, June 4nd 2004: One year after the successful launch of the picture optimizer plus the optimizing specialists from cinemateq present their new generation devices and set new standards claiming ?100% digital?: The completely digital, perfect video picture optimization at an absolutely affordable price.

cinemateq?s strategy targets at HDTV and the completely digital signal processing using the known mastering studio standard SDI, the only digital standard input signal able to transfer a 1:1 rendition of the video data stream provided by either DVD or digital TV. With the completely redesigned cinemateq picture optimizer plus II SDI the vendor offers for the first time a product in the market, which perfectly utilizing the latest technologies and prepared for upcoming devices and standards with features as e.g. HDTV.

The cinemateq picture optimizer plus II SDI integrates 22 predefined resolutions up to the highest possible resolution HDTV 1080p with 50 and 60Hz for PAL and NTSC. Important to mention, that this is a ?true? 1080p resolution without any artificial interpolation on the output side. In addition to that the device offers in total four so called ?custom resolutions? (2 for PAL and NTSC each), where customers can individually programm all current standard resolutions for projectors and plasma screens. The maximum output frame rates have been remarkably increased for all output resolutions, this is i.e. the end of compromises between ?fine picture resolution? and ?most smooth picture?.

The cinemateq picture optimizer plus II SDI easily distributes doubling with 100 Hz resolutions with PAL (120Hz with NTSC) or tripling (75Hz PAL / 90 Hz NTSC) respectively quadrupling (50Hz / 72Hz) or wide XGA with 100 Hz (90Hz with NTSC) ? especially owners of CRT projectors can go to the limits here.

For the new generation of devices the cinemateq optimizing procedure was basically revised: cinemateq from now on guarantees the 100% mathematically perfect scaling of the input signal for each and every resolution ? a result simply not improvable from a technical perspective. Filmmode detection, sharpness improvment and black level adjustment have been improved as well as the pixel cropping and the 10 bit picture processing.

On the input side the picture optimizer plus II SDI offers 2 times SCART (FBAS/RGB), 2 times SDI, 2 times S-Video and 2 times YUV. Each of the 8 inputs can be configured individually depending on the connected video source. Brightness, contrast, gamma, colour temperature or picture format and position for DVD players and SAT receivers can be adjusted separately. Via its 4 outputs it can simultaneously distribute both digital HDCP conform DVI and all actual analog signal types in YUV- or RGB colour spac. In addition to that there are 2 HDTV enabled analog bypass inputs integrated, which can pass through all YUV and RGB signals to the corresponding outputs.

Additional new features are the ?electronic lens shift? (vertical picture moving of 21:9 and/or 16:9 material), an ?aspect ratio correction? for elimination of geometrical mistakes of displaying devices and RS-232 ?ON/OFF? control function for projectors and plasma screens that can be addressed using serial command codes.

Next to the mentioned feature set the new devices are completely redesigned to a new look: the silver chassis is emphasized by the dull brushed aluminium front plate with its blue graphical display and presents itself as a stylish, elegant device which integrates perfectly in both professional studio and living room atmosphere.

The new cinemateq picture optimizer plus II is also available without the SDI inputs, which can be upgraded as to customer demand anytime. Further options in preparation are an analog cable tuner for later integration as well as a SDI DVD player and two digital SAT- and cable receivers with integrated SDI output to be brought to market in cooperation with other vendors soon.

As mentioned above cinemateq targets for the ?100% digital? world, i.e. the completelly digital video optimization at an absolutely affordable price. To support this strategic direction, cinemateq positions the picture optimizer plus II mit SDI, which is available as of now, at the same price level as its predecessor without SDI:

1.895,- ? incl. 16% VAT (recommended street price).

The model without SDI, the picture optimizer plus II has a new recommended street price of 1.495,- ? incl. 16% VAT, the optional SDI Upgrade KIT is now

649,- ? incl. 16% VAT (without integration cost). This price performance ratio might be unique in today?s market as many of the features described above.

Since April 2004 the PFA 2 Srl in Milano has been responsible for the distribution of the cinemateq-products, a leading brand for high-end videopicture-optimizing, in Italy.
We would be pleased to refer interested dealers directly to:

PFA 2 Srl
Mr. Piero Radici
Via Carlo Tenca 7
20124 Milano
Tel: [39] 02 66983013
Fax:[39] 02 66710123

For more information concerning cinemateq, its products and print enabled images please refer to

07-06-2004, 13:44
Confermo la notizia ,come da me accennato ora disponibile le risoluzioni 1080i e 1080p.
ciao ht-maestro.