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26-07-2003, 22:25
Apro una nuova discussione su questo PJ DLP che da oggi ho in casa.
Ho sostituito infatti il piccolo BenQ 705X con il top di gamma della stessa BenQ.
Mi pare che questo prodotto possa considerarsi una vera e propria novitÓ per l'Italia e ne ho letto solo dei fugaci cenni in alcune riviste cartacee e poco anche su HTProjectors ( rivista telematica a cui sono abbonato).
A caldo posso dire di essere soddisfatto e tra l'altro mi sembra di avere tra le mani un Infocus screenplay 7200 ( per risoluzione nativa 1280X720, il DMD Mustang 12░, ruota colore a 6 segmenti, poco o pochissimo effetto arcobaleno).
Ah, tra l'altro , possiedo anche l'X1 della Infocus, che non sfigura affatto a fianco del pi¨ performante BenQ PE8700.
Un saluto.

27-07-2003, 14:46
Per curiosita'..., quanto lo hai pagato ?


27-07-2003, 15:31
charger2000 ha scritto:
Per curiosita'..., quanto lo hai pagato ?


Io personalmente l'ho acquistato a 6.000 EURO ( mi si dice per˛ che al listino ufficiale sia superiore !).


27-07-2003, 19:23
da AVFORUMcom ho trovato sul Benq PE8700:
Thanks Alan.
Here's the review, its taken from the HTD discussion forum (to whom credit must be given), more details, mostly price speculation, are contained in the full threads at HTD (two threads so far).

"BenQ PE8700 First Review
We received our BenQ PE8700 demo unit in a few days ago and we've had it in our theater room running it through a battery of DVD's and tests. First off, the out of box experience was fantastic. The projector comes with every cable imagineable including DVI and BNC to VGA breakout. The remote is simple and easy to use with no frills. In pulling the projector out of the box, our first impression was that this projector was a tank! But we mean that in a good way. It is the most solid projector we've ever seen. There are no cheap plastics here. It is built strong and heavy which is what we like to see. A+ for build quality. Hot air is expelled out the front and right side of the projector thereby allowing it to be installed closer to a back wall. It has a simple to use manual zoom and focus lens structure and the lens is recessed in the case for extra protection. The menu is simple and easy to navigate with full image control including individual adjustments for red, green, blue, and even yellow. A test pattern is also available.

In firing it up, the projector is indeed whisper quiet. It is definitely true to it's spec of under 30db in this category. You will notice how quiet it is because when you turn it off the fans crank up to what sounds like over 50db to cool it off!

The projector did need some tweaking with the factory settings to get the picture to a desireable image. It was too red coming straight out of the box. But once we set it to our preferences, it looked fantastic. Colors were vibrant and rich and black levels were deep and what you would expect with a 2000:1 contrast ratio. One note was that the brightness rating of 1000 lumens didn't seem like it lived up to the spec. It's certainly plenty bright for a dedicated theater room or with the lights turned down, but we feel like it came in around 850-900 lumens. Granted we don't have light meters and we didn't make an official test. This is simply from years of experience looking at projectors rated at 1000 lumens. We tested it with the Da-Lite Cinema Vision and High Contrast Cinema Vision fabric on 45x80 and 52x92 screen sizes. Screen recommendations would be the Da-Lite Cinema Vision or Stewart Firehawk fabrics.

We fed it numerous DVD's as well as HD content from DirecTV and all looked great. The image quality isn't quite the same as our Sim2 Seleco 300+ but then again this projector is half the price. This was our first look at the new wave of HD2 projectors at this pricepoint and we were very pleased. It has all the specs and bells and whistles of a $10K projector but it's nearly half the price and in our mind, this puts it at a great value. And we can't rave enough about the warranty. Three Year Parts & Labor with a One Year Xpress Xchange program.

As I said, its not a detailed technical review, more a first glance (I think the reviewer sell the PJ so as always, such reviews should be treated with care) but interesting nonetheless and certainly seems to be as we would expect from an HD2 machine. (Edit - reference to price deleted)

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