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20-02-2002, 18:27
Ho scritto su avsforum (link qui sotto) che il Kenwood dvf-r9050 esce in a 576P come scritto sull'ultimo numero di DVHT, ma in germania sembra che non sia cosi'... mi da una mano qualcuno che scrive su DVHT? ;)


Originally posted by Siran

Where did you get this information from? I know that the DVF-R9050 does not output Pal Progressive out of the box and I have not been able to confirm if it is possible to upgrade it to Pal Progressive via a hard- or software-change.


I'm sorry i can't give you a link at the time, but i hope i'll reply your question anyway.
I had this information from the best italian HT magazine "Digital Video Home Theater" February issue n.32 page.66 Review written by Franco Guida.

I will try to ask for further infos or anything else if you need it to other guys working for the same magazine, i hope they will confirm this thing and hopefully give you a link (but it would eventually be in Italian).

The only strange thingi'm thinking is... and what if Kenwood gave them a different player (with 576p) then those they usually sell(without576p)?!

I will also forward this link to these guys... maybe they will directly answer. Hope this help

The suggested price in italy is about 1500 Euro... What about the german price?

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Emidio Frattaroli
21-02-2002, 01:14
Ciao Bosef :)
Domani dovrei sentirmi con Franco Guida che ha effettuato la prova. Ci aggiorniamo in serata.


21-02-2002, 17:31
Grazie Emidio :)

Se ti riesce di fare un salto al link e rispondere... altrimenti lo faccio io ;)

26-02-2002, 17:19
Originariamente inviato da Emidio Frattaroli
Domani dovrei sentirmi con Franco Guida che ha effettuato la prova. Ci aggiorniamo in serata.

Ci sono novita'? :)
A te come sembrava quando l'hai usato con l' Infocus 110?